Bins and Storage Containers: Keeping things organized at home

14 May

Bins can be used in variety of reasons and applications including hospitals, warehouses, pharmacies, car shops, electronic industries, factories and other small shops. They typically provide easy storage of bits and pieces from the smallest component like screws and washers to bigger tools like hammers and jacks. Hospitals and medical retail stores also enjoy immense benefits from bin boxes in getting things and supplies organized. They are fast becoming indispensable materials when it comes to storage and organization.

What about homes? Can these bins and containers provide the same advantages without the house looking more or less similar to offices and stores?

Because of the wide variety of designs, colors and sizes of bins, you’ll be surprised of how much they could be of great help in keeping everything in place around the house.

Bathroom supplies: Some people usually find it a habit to buy toiletries in bulk especially when the items are on sale. There could be instances where storing them in cabinets out of sight would keep you in the dark of how many of these items are jostling inside. Bin boxes could do wonders of organizing them, keeping separately soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, deodorant and other products for easy find.

Toys: Most mothers often find themselves following kids around picking up toys and clutters all over the place after playing. With bin boxes around, you can actually teach kids on how to organize their toys, separating old ones from those they usually play with.

Grooming accessories: Sometimes, our dressing table and drawer are stockpiled with perfumes, lotion, nail polish and hair accessories creating a topsy-turvy atmosphere that getting something you need becomes a challenge. You can save time rummaging by storing and segregating less used items in bin boxes and keeping only the frequently used ones at the bedside table.

Pet accessories: Bin boxes are a great way to organize your pet’s needs. Toys, leashes and other accessories could be likely mixed with your kids’ belongings. Keeping them separately in containers creates more space for other household items.

Excessive clothing and bed stuffs: Extra clothes, socks, ties, linens and towels that consume all the space in your drawers and cabinets can be stored neatly and more organized in storage bins. If you’re not yet prepared to donate them to charities, bins would make matters easier. What’s more, you can store them under your bed creating extra space inside your bedroom and your closets for regularly used articles. This way, wives won’t hear much of the “honey-where-are-my-socks” grumblings from their husbands.

Everything else inside the house can find themselves in their own place with bins and storage containers. With different sizes, color and styles, you would surely find something that suits your taste and could match and enhance your furnishing. Disposing these containers would not be a big deal since they are built rigid and sturdy and they are designed to be reused several times.


Boxes for Your Shipping Needs

8 May

When you’re moving to a distant location, shipping a product to a customer or simply sending a package to your family, the type of boxes you need usually creates a great deal of concern. For personal shipment, one consideration that might come up is utilizing used boxes to save some cost. Although this is a tempting idea, it could lead to more shipping problems because some carriers are strict in their requirements about used boxes and it’s a fact that the quality of used boxes is considerably decreasing with respect to time and the number of usage. With so many kinds of shipping boxes available in the market, you could get easily confused and distracted by the different factors presented to you.

What should you know about boxes for shipping?

The most common boxes used for shipping are corrugated boxes. A corrugated box is made from a corrugated sheet. This design is comprised of a liner and a flute. The flute, which is an arched or a curved paper (similar to a roof) is attached to two liners (the flat paper part of the sheet) making up a sheet of a corrugated board. As the number of fluted sheets increase, the more durable and sturdier the box becomes. It also determines the weight of the box and accordingly, the price. The terms single wall, double and triple wall refers to the number of flutes and the number of liners the corrugated board has.

What are the types of boxes available for my shipping needs?

Boxes for shipping come in a variety of sizes and shape although the type of box you need depends on the weight of the items you’re planning to ship. The maximum weight capacity of a box is always listed either on its bottom or the side flap and you have to be strict on following this specification unless you’re prepared for any untoward occurrences that could follow.

As discussed earlier, the widely used boxes for shipping are corrugated boxes, which come in single wall, double wall and triple wall. If you look around and find boxes of pizza, toothpaste, shoes and other box-packed products, you are likely seeing a single wall corrugated box because it is the ordinary and conventional box. If your item needs more protection, you will need a double wall. For heavy duty shipping application, you might need a triple wall box

For specific purpose of shipping rolled up maps, blueprints or other important documents, you could use a triangular box instead of mailing tubes, which tend to roll all over the place during shipment.

If you’re shipping very heavy equipment, which even the triple wall corrugated box could not handle, you can choose either extra large prefabricated box or wooden box or normally called wooden create.

If you’re connected with electronic and semiconductor packaging, boxes for shipping very sensitive electronic devices and microchips are available, specially designed to protect the products from ESD (Electrostatic Discharge).

Plastic corrugated boxes are advantageous if you foresee that your goods will be exposed to high humidity and wet conditions. However, disposal is difficult with plastic materials.

Shipping is already part of life whether personal or industrial. In whichever position you are, the right type of shipping box entirely depends on your packing needs. If you need to ship anything, always back yourself with sufficient knowledge about different boxes and identify what you truly needs.